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Frequently Asked Questions

Order Placement

How do I place an order?
ExpoBadge offers you the ability to order by fax, mail, phone, or through our online ordering system. An order form has been included in your service kit, which includes our ordering information.
Can I customize my action codes?
Yes! Create your own personalized action codes to better qualify your leads based on your specific needs (additional fee applies for this service). Create up to 20 categories of up to 35 characters to link your leads with product category, service, or a specific sales person.

As a courtesy, ExpoBadge offers each exhibitor a complimentary list of standard action codes.
What is the difference between the ExpoBadge Lead Print and All-In-One?
Both are scanning devices with the printer option. However, the All-In-One gives you a print copy AND an electronic version of the leads. The ExpoBadge Lead Print only offers the printed version of your leads.
What are Instant Leads?
Instant Leads is a revolutionary service offered with the ExpoBadge Mobile e-Lead+, Elite, and Exceed equipment that provides your leads to you in real time. Once you scan your first lead, an email is sent to you with a link to your leads file that can be accessed immediately. Return to this site as the show progresses to view or download your leads; the file is updated automatically as you scan.
Can I get a receipt?
Yes, ExpoBadge will send you an automated receipt as soon as your order is placed. Should you adjust your order onsite, your leads file will include a new receipt for you to review as well.

After Placing Your Order

Where do I pick up my order?
The ExpoBadge counter is typically located in the service desk area of the exhibit hall or near the attendee registration desk. Should you have trouble locating the service desk onsite, please contact ExpoBadge directly at 800-490-9941.

Visit the desk, sign out the equipment with our qualified representative (ExpoBadge does not hire temporary personnel) and verify your email address (if you've chosen electronic delivery of leads). Your equipment is ready to go!
How do I use the equipment?
The ExpoBadge line of products is easy to use but does involve a short training session. Our qualified onsite representatives will provide this training to your staff onsite at the service desk. While short, this training is extremely important. There are many types of equipment out there that you may have used at other shows and operate differently. We want to make sure you are familiar with our ExpoBadge brand of products before potential customers arrive at your booth.

For specific product details, please refer to our products section.
When will I get my leads?
At the end of the show, bring the equipment back to the service desk for download by our staff. Once the leads are downloaded and verified, the link to your leads file will be sent to your email address on file (if electronic version ordered) within 24-48 hours.

To ensure you receive your electronic file, please add our domain expobadge.com to your list of safe senders. We will provide these instructions to you onsite as well.
What format will I get my leads in?
Your leads will be delivered in .txt, .csv or .xls format, easily imported into Outlook, Access, or other lead management programs.

The fields captured will depend on the client and what information they decide to provide to you. ExpoBadge does NOT make the decision of what fields are provided for your show and as a result, every show may be different. Please contact the association or ExpoBadge directly to review the fields captured for your show.
Why haven't I received my leads yet?
As mentioned, your leads file is sent automatically from My ExpoBadge, and sometimes the email is caught up in your spam filter. Please check your spam filter first and make sure to add our domain expobadge.com to your list of safe senders. Contact ExpoBadge Customer Support to have your leads file resent to your attention.
I have my own lead retrieval hardware/software. How can I get a sample badge?
ExpoBadge does not work with clients who encrypt data and we encourage exhibitors who have their own equipment to use it at all our events. To order a sample badge kit, submit the Encoding Package Order Form.

For questions not answered here, please contact us.