Lead Retrieval Products

ExpoBadge, Inc. produces a line of innovative hardware and software products for exhibitors, show managers, event planners, registration contractors and professionals in the trade show and exposition market.

Product options may vary from show to show. Please refer to your event's exhibitor kit for specific lead retrieval options or contact us at (800) 490-9941.

Printer Options

Our printer units provide an instant paper copy of your leads. Different printer and scanner combinations are available, such as a wireless scanner connection to the printer. Lead delivery can be paper only or paper and electronic.

Handheld Options

Our handheld units are wireless, battery-operated scanners that will capture and store your leads securely to our server. You will receive your leads electronically after your event. Scanner functions include displays for viewing lead information, easy note entry, custom survey questions, personalized qualifiers, and a USB port function for immediate download of leads.